The Wonder of Belonging

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The Wonder of Belonging

    We are designed for connection. When the fall happened in the Garden of Eden there was an immediate disconnect. God immediately prophesied the cure declaring that the Seed of the woman would crush Satan's head!

    A main theme that the Holy Spirit has highlighted at Anchor of Hope Ministries is encounter. I believe encounter with God is that "one thing" everyone is longing for and everyone needs. The very first encounter is the new birth where we realize our need for a Savior and call upon the name of the Lord for forgiveness of sins. God then graciously restores our connection as sons and daughters of the Most High, placing us in Christ and giving us access to come before His throne at ANY time to receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need!

    Encounters with the very real presence of God will always help us in connecting with others. As we connect to Him, He pours His transforming love into us and we are not only able, but compelled to love those around us. With other believers we are connected as family. Local churches are really local church families, where we are interconnected to reflect and manifest the Kingdom of God, which is the love of God. The local church family is amazing. Think about it, a group of people, who previously had not known each other, now have a unified passion to share the love of their Father and desire to bring the freedom of Christ's forgiveness to people they don't even know.

    Knowing of Jesus Christ and knowing Him personally is dramatically different. The difference is relationship where we first surrender our hearts and lives to the Lord and Savior by faith and He restores us back into right relationship with God our Father, and then living out of that restored relationship. It was His design, His original intent for us to be fully alive by being fully loved. There is nothing greater! We were made to love and be loved (I John 4:19).

    Frequently during our family worship times (Sunday, 10:00am, Wednesday 7:00pm), our folks have encounters with the Holy Spirit who brings breakthroughs of all kinds! I have seen precious family members be delivered of fear, shame, guilt and false images that they have believed about themselves for most of their lives. God lovingly meets us where we are at, but thankfully He doesn't leave us there!

    I firmly believe that our Father God wants each and every one of us to be connected to a local church family. I believe and pray we will find and fulfill God's call and destiny for our lives as we live out of relationship with Him and others. Continual encounters with God through the Holy Spirit and the Bible in a church family environment will bring breakthroughs and deliverance freeing us up to be obedient to the Master's call!


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