What We Believe

The Holy Trinity:

There is one, living and true God, who is of infinite power, wisdom and goodness and exists eternally in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In the unity of this Godhead, the three Persons are of one substance, power, and eternity.

The Bible:

All scripture is inspired by God and given to men through the leading of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the Bible is the infallible and authoritative word of God and contains all things necessary for salvation.


The Son of God, Jesus Christ, became flesh to identify with fallen, sinful man and to redeem us back to the Father through His death, burial, and resurrection. He was born of a virgin, fully God and fully man, and lived a sinless life on earth. He took on the world’s punishment for sin, which is death, by giving up his own perfect life on the cross and defeating the power of sin and death once and for all. All who receive Him by faith as their Savior and Lord will receive the forgiveness of their sins and salvation by His grace alone to become redeemed sons and daughters of God.

Water Baptism:

Baptism represents the death of the believer’s sinful nature through Christ’s finished work of the cross, being buried with Christ in His death and raised with Him in newness of life through the power of His resurrection.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit:

John the Baptist declared that Jesus would baptize us with the Holy Spirit and fire. This baptism enables us: to walk in the power and authority of God bringing the kingdom of Heaven everywhere we go, to fulfill the Great Commission, and to manifest the gifts of the Spirit as the Lord directs.